Vertex IT 247


Whether you need a hard drive replaced in London, a printer fixed in Munich or a tape library installed in some other remote location.

Our expert team handles everything from single terminal implementations, to large multi-user installations, numbering in the thousands, for desktop, laptop, or terminal platforms. It is important to ensure that the technology suits the business needs and user preferences, so we consult with our clients to understand these requirements and assist with the planning, as well as the implementation.


Multiple areas of expertise – Some of the key areas focused by our professional team include:

♦   Installation of Mac setup with configuration

♦   All software solutions

♦   Cloud configurations

♦   End-to-end computation

♦   Designing of datacenter

♦   Cabling with all sort of networking

♦   Communications with unification

♦   Security related issues

♦   Support for virtualization

♦   Server and storage support

Quick Response Time

We are available 24/7 you can contact us directly from anywhere in the world as we will provide a first response with any support issue within 10 minutes.