Vertex IT 247


Vertex IT has global footprint when it comes down to coverage. It is one of the best IT service provide around the globe. Global coverage is one of our strengths and enables us to cover major business hubs in many countries. Our network makes it possible to cater to each type of requests, even complex tasks in multiple locations requiring multiple resources. 

Our back end support is present 24/7 to ensure the least possible downtime for our customers, providing them real-time updates about the implementation and status of the tasks. Due to the versatility of our experts, all sorts of IT problems can be accommodated.  Network of this company is ever expanding with reaching to the remote parts of the world too.



Our expert support team gives day in and day out help through online 24/7 WhatsApp calls, skype calls, and by electronic correspondence to our customers. We furnish limitless on-site support with a group of devoted and talented engineers offering proficient exhortation and services. Our specialists give ICT support as indicated by the business ideal.

We provide managed IT services that include repair, upgrades or installation of system, components, peripheral equipment, networking, hardware and software. We have resources readily available around the globe; our resources are fully equipped with all the tools and required skillset.

At Vertex IT we have the expertise and resources for managing your rollout project such as software installation / up-gradation and hardware installation. Whether the project specifications include a regional, national, or global full scale deployment, our team has the experience delivering on schedule and within budget.

Our Engineers are a direct extension of our clients. When it comes to device procurement of products ranging from personal computers, printers, mobile phones, or any other devices, our highly skilled team provides advice, recommendations, and full assistance to our clients to match their exact needs.

We offer you our made-to-measure services in maintaining and monitoring the operations in data centers, and we make it certain that all the functions are indefectible.

Our service desk is built to make communication seamless and provide a single point of contact to ensure that our clients receive the right help at the right time no matter the complexity of the issue.

Whether you want site IT inventory or IT Audit or installation survey, our engineers are readily available around the globe to fulfill your requirement. Our engineers have extensively performed Pre & Post Installation site surveys. Our engineers are highly capable of generating site Audit reports and making inventory for valued clients.

Whether it is full time engineers needed on site or a simple break fix, we will have someone at your service in no time. This On Demand IT Resource service is perhaps some of our client’s favorite service.

Our 24×7 central service delivery team is ready and qualified to undertake worldwide upgrades,  install roll-outs, and relocations for our clients.


We strive to provide reliable and efficient services.


We provide 24/7 remote and on-site supports with easy pay and go services.


We ensure your data and network security is protected.

Quick Response Time

We are available 24/7 you can contact us directly from anywhere in the world as we will provide a first response with any support issue within 10 minutes.